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Software that I've written can be downloaded here. I will be making all of my freeware available from this page, as time permits.

Address Book (NDA)

An unfinished component of the also-unfinished NetMail, the Address Book NDA is still quite useful on its own. Grab a copy of the alpha release while you still can!

Download: Address Book (alpha release)

[IMG: Main window]
[IMG: Contact entry]


BisQuit is a Permanent Init (PIF) that modifies the IIgs System 6.0.1 Finder. The Quit menu item will appear in the File menu (where it is supposed to be) and the normal Shutdown menu item will be replaced with Restart and a new Shutdown item.

Read: read.me (outdated; ignore the Delphi plugs)
Download: BisQuit v1.0

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FreeK (NDA)

FreeK is just a simple IIgs New Desk Accessory (NDA) to display basic IIgs memory statistics, but it comes with source code!

Read: read.me (outdated; ignore the Delphi plugs)
Download: FreeK v1.0.1 w/ORCA Pascal source

[IMG: freek.gif]

Net Time Control Panel (CDev)

Synchronize your Apple IIgs clock to any RFC-868 compliant time server with this freeware utility!

Read: ReadMe
Download: Net Time v1.0.1


  • Richard Bennett's Marinetti 2.0.1
  • Geoff Weiss' Time Tool Set (included in the Net Time archive)
[IMG: nettime.gif]


Not only one of the finest IIgs programs never to be released, NetMail also has the distinction of being vaporware that is still being developed! Development originally started soon after the first release of Marinetti in 1997, and since then, NetMail has seen almost six years of inconsistent development at a blazing snail's pace!

For a limited time only, screenshots from a Delphi chat more than three years ago are available for your viewing enjoyment! Please, don't drool on your keyboard...

[IMG: New account wizard]
[IMG: Main window]
[IMG: New message] [IMG: Account operations]
[IMG: Account properties] [IMG: Folder operations]

Play CD (CDA)

Play CD is a IIgs Classic Desk Accessory (CDA) that will play your audio CDs from ProDOS 8 or any non-desktop application. No more returning to a desktop application just to use the Media Controller to start playing your CD!

Read: Read.Me (outdated; ignore the Delphi plugs)
Download: Play CD v1.0b2


  • RamFAST SCSI card with ROM revision 3.0 or later
  • SCSI CD-ROM drive
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SS Toggle (CDA)

SS Toggle is a IIgs Classic Desk Accessory (CDA) that disables and enables the Second Sight video card's emulation of the classic Apple II video modes. This is useful if you need to play a double hi-res game, for example, which normally would lock up the Second Sight card and your IIgs. However, you must have a monitor attached to the IIgs' built-in video since the monitor attached to your Second Sight card will be blank while emulation is disabled.

Download: SS Toggle


  • Second Sight video card
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This handy NDA will let your IIgs decode Base64-encoded files (as well as create them!). You will usually find e-mail attachments are in Base64 format, but there are additional uses for Base64 in other Internet applications. Note: The latest versions of Spectrum have built-in Base64 support, so if you have that telecommunications program, you probably don't need this.

Read: readme.1st (freeware notice)
Read: read.me (outdated; ignore the Delphi plugs)
Download: StolenBASE NDA v1.0

[IMG: sbnda.gif]


Telnetti is a telnet application for the IIgs. This version is text-based and is not beta or even alpha, but more accurately pre-alpha. It does work and is better than the application included with Marinetti, but that's still not saying much. Keep an eye on this space. :)

Download: Telnetti v0.0001


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